Monday, February 12, 2007

More Previews of my Comicbook

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Friday, December 08, 2006

My litte Independent Comic Book Project...

Heres so far what we got...

Big download...

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Stuff I should really be giving attention to...

It has been almost 3 weeks since the Second Filipino Komiks Convention. Admittedly it took up a lot of my precious work hours. Helping organize the convention and taking time to produce our group's merchandise for the event took a big chunk of time I should have been alloting to my work load. I've been denying the fact that it was the reason for countless of my delays but in retrospect I now believe it is the culprit. Funny I think it also caused the burnout I feel currently.

Anyway thats the past and Im trying really, really hard to cope with my burgeoning deadlines. I'm happy to note that I have finally made a big headway on some of them. I really should stop dawdling and watching stuff on tv for hours and get back in gear. I see unemployment and depression in the near future if I dont get back to my daily routine. I'm sensing alot of damage has already been dealt to my heh fragile employment status....

But thats not what I wanted to write about. This blog is quite senseless and if you managed to read up to this sentence I salute you. What I wanted to write about are about the books that we released last convention. It was short of a lifetime achievement for myself and another goal notched out from my long term plans. What was it? Was it an earth shattering discovery? A milestone in human history? Not quite, it was my first ever published comicbook Anthology , granted I got help in finance and logistics from my good friend Ilog, still it was an accomplishment I'm too eager to take credit for.

So what exactly did we accomplish? Aside from probably pissing off once more the vanguards of classical Pinoy Komiks (which we never really do intend to do, in fact I grew up reading those newsprint publications, too bad I missed out on the golden age though) and raising the eyebrows of those who firmly believed that comicbooks here are dead, the fact is, we accomplished a goal we have set. A goal that regardless of whatever others may say about it, we truly believed in. We have shared to the public stories we wanted others to read, to hear, to see. Thats all we ever wanted to do. We do not really hope to raise up an industry in the throes of death or probably already in rigor mortis. We do not really see ourselves as saviours with ideologies that would inspire a generation to pick up a medium that few rarely respect. We just want to share our stories, and if ever we do make others pick up other comicbooks, then all the better.

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Fresh is a collection of short stories done by people who grew up reading comicbooks be it Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Filipino, American or otherwise. We grew up watching animation shows imported from everywhere from the West to our oriental neighbors and shown on our local television networks. We are a generation that thrived on the visual even our music are no longer just audio. The collective output of all our influences can be seen in Fresh: A sequential portfolio of stories we want to share. If ever you do come across a copy, please do me the honor of just browsing thru it before ignoring it.

Ok I really lost my point in the middle of writing this post. Sorry for whatever babble I wrote that may not make sense....


PS FRESH: KOMIKS ATBP will soon be available in shops. Its a comicbook anthology with works from Taga-Ilog, Elmer Damaso, Hai Ibardolaza, Roy Canlas, Michael David, Pat Aguasin, Ludz and Dexter B. Roxas. Perhaps you've heard of them. Please do give it a try.

Saturday, October 28, 2006


I've restarted my blog. First off my old blog was suffering from technical difficulties so I just shot it in the head. Now its dead.My name is Jon Zamar, I'm a big comic book geek, I read everything thats drawn sequentially. Though I prefer the mindless action of the 90's Superhero in-your-face comics! EXTREME!!! Wish more comics were drawn that way today, of course having a good writer never hurts, mix the two together and bam! a great read. heh. I also read Manga, which is kind of redundant to say since its also comicbooks only imported from Japan. I really dont see why people would want to separate the two, its like with the cartoon strips, they are treated like different things when its the same medium in a different format. Aside from being a fan I also try to do my own comicbooks. I hang out with a swell group of creators who write and draw their own stories. We are known locally as Point Zero, though most of the indigenous comic book afficionados would better know us as staffers from the defunct comic book magazine Culture Crash Comics. At present we have finally graduated from publishing photocopied mini-comics to offset publishing our products. We have done three so far, my personal fantasy epic in the making, Digmaang Salinlahi's 4th issue (go to for more info on this), an anthology from us and other local creators; Fresh, and Michael David's Kubori Krash, a celebration of 10 years of Kubori Kikiam, his indie success story. Aside from our more lucratively published works Point Zero is also home to Joanah Tinio's Cresci Prophecy, a great fantasy comicbook. Check all our books out! heh. My day job is running a studio for an American publisher, it's a pretty swell job, hectic at times and stressful as hell. Doing work for them leaves me little to no time to do other work so if you see a work of mine on a comicbook shelf please do me the courtesy to atleast leaf thru it, it means the world to me if people at least show interest in my work. I work for Seven Seas Entertainment, what my boss would call the Spunkiest Manga Publisher in America. Its a cool company, run by really cool folks, you could check us out at Ok I guess that concludes my first ever post for this brand spanking new blog. In the next days to come I'll upload more mindless entries and maybe some other stuff.... Jon Zamar